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By the early 1960s, the world had become aware of limits to forest & industry growth and to recognize the need for “sustainable development”. To address this concern Natural Resources, the Canadian Forest Service, initiated a Canadian Model Forest Program. This initiative has become the world’s largest forestry experiment in achieving sustainable forest management through partnership.
In 1992, First Nations, federal & provincial resource management agencies and industry formed the Prince Albert Model Forest Partnership. The third and fourth collages portray this partnership, whose motto Ma Maw Wechehetowin is a Cree expression for Working Together/Helping Each Other. The Prince Albert Model Forest is a part of a network of eleven model forests across Canada.

The Prince Albert Model Forest is a working partnership among organizations and communities that have a variety of interests in sustainable forest management. The partnership commits itself to a set of objectives that reflect the environmental, socio-economic, cultural & political context within the area. The Model Forest provides all users of its’ forests an equal voice in decision-making.

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