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Boreal Forest


This mixedwood section of Boreal forest is a blend of aspen park lands and coniferous forest. The model forest area has a great variety of soil and site classes which make up a broad array of forest landscapes.


Recreational uses of this forest abound, including camping, fishing, boating, hiking and cross-country skiing. Tourism is very important, and parks and resorts are increasing in popularity. The Prince Albert National Park encompasses about half of the model forest area.


Forest industries have flourished in this region since the late 1800s. Today the area's forests support a major pulp mill and a large sawmill as well as numerous smaller enterprises.


The native communities of the Prince Albert Model Forest are committed partners with a vital interest in the health and viability of the forest ecosystems. They depend on the forest for food, fuel, employment and cultural needs.


Integrated resource management is an important component of this model forest, and will take into account the diverse environmental, cultural and social values of this region.


Research by many partners and affiliated agencies will be undertaken in a variety of disciplines. As well, transfer of innovations and new technologies will be encouraged both locally and abroad.


Protected habitats and wilderness areas have been set aside in Prince Albert National Park. These reserves, along with recreation areas and tracts designated for timber production, will be combined in a sustainable development program.


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