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The Prince Albert Model Forest (PAMF) is a non-profit partnership of forest users committed to the sustainability of Saskatchewan's forests through research, education and the equitable sharing of forest resources. We are supported by direct funding from the Canadian Forest Service and by partner contributions and belong to the Canadian Model Forest Network and the International Model Forest Network.

Since it began in 1992, the PAMF has gained credibility as a leader in integrated resource management, and has developed strong partnerships linking industry, governments, aboriginal groups, communities, and researchers. We are recognized internationally and nationally for our strength in aboriginal partnerships.  

As a conduit between partners, our goal is to facilitate the connections required between organizations or individuals who can assist each other in achieving the goals and objectives that further community sustainability. The principles of inclusiveness, transparency, accountability, integrity, fairness and effective governance form the basis for all of our work. 

We provide a forum of neutral ground, mutual respect for discussion and sharing of ideas, problems, concerns and solutions. Decisions are made that favour multiple partners rather than just one, create models for long-term sustainability that can be applied to multiple communities, and remove barriers to multi-sector approaches. We gather and share ideas and knowledge in the interest of improving and strengthening working relationships among the partnership. We apply the principle of adaptive management, making modifications as required to improve our effectiveness.

The goals of the PAMFare to work with forest communities to develop governance models for creating new resource-based opportunities, to build capacity among local people including Aboriginal communities, to manage those resources and new opportunities, to provide the tools and the forum that brings diverse groups together to integrate land management, develop ideas and find solutions that lead to community sustainability.

Values of the Prince Albert Model Forest Association

The Prince Albert Model Forest Association values its partnership as an association of organizations with similar interests and realizes that trust, respect, equality and participation are keys to the Association's future successes.

Healthy Ecosystems
The Prince Albert Model Forest Association values healthy ecosystems. Healthy ecosystems are defined by the Prince Albert Model Forest partners as ecosystems that have adequate representation of biodiversity; maintain natural processes; are changing and dynamic; maintain their productive capacity; have areas that can be used as a benchmark; have resilience to impacts; and contain species that are native to the area.

Public Support
The Prince Albert Model Forest Association values the public's support and realizes that the association has responsibilities locally, nationally and globally. Furthermore, the Association realizes that it must be proactive and responsible and is ultimately accountable to the public.

Benefits to Society
The Prince Albert Model Forest Association values its role in encouraging the creation of benefits for the good of society. Benefits must balance social, economic and ecological aspects of the forest without compromising its sustainability.

Public Involvement
The Prince Albert Model Forest Association values the public's involvement and participation with emphasis on aboriginal involvement. The Association also recognizes that the public is knowledgeable and should be involved by seeking their input and responding to it.

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